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Mssion and Vision

ViK EAD - Burgas




The company provides continuous water supply to the population and the companies in the district of Burgas with high quality and at a reasonable price, which does not allow shrinking of consumption and provides the possibility for future development of the company; maintenance and expansion of the sewerage network for discharge of all waste and rain waters to special discharge points; and treatment plants and construction of  waste water treatment plants in all resorts along the Black Sea coast and in settlements with population exceeding 10 000 people.



  • We will sustain the image of ViK EAD Burgas as a company, which meets the needs for potable water supply and discharges and treats the waste waters in the district of Burgas in compliance with environmental standards.
  • We will work as an autonomous entity, producing and selling a vital product; operates, maintains, modernizes and reconstructs equipment owned by the state; implements the regional and state policy in the water supply sector and provides the environmental balance in the ground and surface waters.
  • We will be the preferred employer of highly skilled specialists, working in all areas of the company’s scope of activity.
  • We will be the preferred partner and will continue to provide high quality service to our customers.

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